Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas! We wish you all a blessed day as we celebrate the Christ child who puts the Christ in Christmas. Without him, there would be no big winter holiday.  No reason to share gifts, he was the gift, received gifts, and gave us gifts—and that is why we give gifts to others on this day.

The old Roman celebration of Saturnalia provided early Christians a holiday where they could openly celebrate the birth Christ unnoticed by Roman authorities. Many of our early Christmas traditions came out of the Roman holiday, and we have continued to add and add them until Christ is almost forgotten on this day. In fact, most Christian families have primarily followed the national trend of reducing the day to just another holiday, complete with Santa Clause as the primary character of the day.

So for non-Christians we say: have a wonderful day of color, gifts, and love in and for you families! We wish you a day of fun and rest from the worries of the rest of the year.

And for Christians we say: remember that Christ was born on this day for a purpose: for life and grace for you. Celebrate him in and among the festivities of your (his) day!

: : by Min
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