About Us

VOLCANO ALLEY CREATIVE GROUP, LLC is built on a few simple concepts.

We heighten the awareness of what every-day applied arts can be. Looking at the world around us and seeing art everywhere and in everything. Bringing the art inside to liven up our personal work, play, spaces, and wearables.

Playing with an eye toward deconstruction and reconstruction we pull together various art forms and methods to create something beautiful, crazy, and wild—just like the alley created by our local volcano: ashes, lava, and lahar which, over time, blossoms with the beauty of grains and tulips. Or perhaps the building of railroads, roads, parking lots, warehouses, and traffic lights.

Using digital connections with dots and pixels of color we pull in the creative world of the impressionists, pointillists who build subtle shades of color by using small strokes and dots of color to build their images. Think Monet and Seurat. Think Volcano Alley.