Min’s Eye

Min’s Eye is an interesting concept. I was introduced to it in full when we began this business. I am a long time graphic designer, but not a photographer. I went on a weekend up to the mountains during the snowy season. I took my camera along just to see if I could get some “snow pictures” for future uses. As I would point my camera at this and that I began to see things. I said to myself, “Min would like this”. It might be a chain polka dotted with snow or the tire tracks, or the way a tiny branch peeked through the snowbanks. This was an eye opening exercise. As I walked in the woods and down the snowy roads I could see what Min’s eye might find interesting. Looking at the world in a fresh way is an exercise we can all enjoy. Looking behind the mundane and finding the extraordinary, that is what Volcano Alley is all about, Finding Style in everything and helping you find your style.

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