So far it has been a b-a-a-a-a-d year. I caught a cold which decided to show up Christmas day. Scratchy throat, headache, runny nose. I started feeling worse and worse. I missed the annual New Years celebration at the cabin and now going into the 3 week I feel better, but I can’t hear anything. It settled in my ears.

A few things I have learned from this cold. 1) it is ever changing and has a new surprise everyday. 2) So far, no glimpse of getting better. 3) When your sinuses are so clogged you can’t hear it sounds really strange when you brush your teeth. The upper teeth sounds totally different from the lower teeth.

I did manage to get to Walgreen where I talked to a nice pharmacist who said the behind the counter Sudafed and Advil was a good choice. So I promised not to make meth with it and they let me have it after showing my ID–the photo looked remarkably like me today.

But as will all colds, it will eventually go away. At least I have my cute Norski Gal mug filled with tea and comfy blankets to help me recover in style. Here’s to a better 2019. I won’t say it couldn’t get worse because, well, it could.

by : : Sarah

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