Earth Mirror: Viewing the World

Art is a reflection of who we are. Perhaps not individually but certainly as a society. Why? Because art doesn’t just appear from air. It’s a product of how we think, what we believe, what we want, and how we can (within the rules and customs of our society) express it.

How do we view the world around us? As something beautiful? Is the landscape beautiful? Are the people beautiful (how they act and react not so much what their faces are like)? Is ours a colorful world? A drab world? An exciting world? It is a world where we feel comfortable?

Art is also about what is important to us. What do people paint, not the surfaces, but the themes and subjects? Are galleries full of landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, animals, children, certain groups of people? Are paintings and sculptures political, generic, cause-oriented, religious/anti-religious? Does the art move us forward or is it nostalgic?

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By :: Min

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