Holiday Parties

“Dashing through the snow….” to Christmas Parties!  These parties are the highlight of the season for many people. Festivities! Desserts! Beautiful new dresses, sharp dressed men. Happy music, ringing bells, laughter. People go all out for these events, guests and hosts alike.

Let’s focus on hosts and hostesses of Christmas parties. What logistics go into creating the best party of the year!  Hors d’oeuvres, food, drinks, flowers, music, theme, and decorations.

Elaborate, theme ridden, unique, and eye-popping decorations:

  • Diamond or star studded, red and green, black and white, blue and silver, brightly multicolored.
  • Trees, bells, tin soldiers, nutcrackers, angels, 3-kings, reindeer, Santa hats, candy boxes, gingerbread houses, packages with bows, golden ornaments, the list is endless so I’ll stop here and let you dream of your favorite theme.

Here at Volcano Alley we picked a few themes of our own for this Christmas: Candy Box, City Fanfare, Shadow Lights, Greenery, Reindeer Games, and Holiday Rhythms. Plus a few more just for wrapping presents.

You might take a peek and see if they add to your holiday festivities this year.

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