Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas! We wish you all a blessed day as we celebrate the Christ child who puts the Christ in Christmas. Without him, there would be no big winter holiday.  No reason to share gifts, he was the gift, received gifts, and gave us gifts—and that is why we give gifts to others on this day.

The old Roman celebration of Saturnalia provided early Christians a holiday where they could openly celebrate the birth Christ unnoticed by Roman authorities. Many of our early Christmas traditions came out of the Roman holiday, and we have continued to add and add them until Christ is almost forgotten on this day. In fact, most Christian families have primarily followed the national trend of reducing the day to just another holiday, complete with Santa Clause as the primary character of the day.

So for non-Christians we say: have a wonderful day of color, gifts, and love in and for you families! We wish you a day of fun and rest from the worries of the rest of the year.

And for Christians we say: remember that Christ was born on this day for a purpose: for life and grace for you. Celebrate him in and among the festivities of your (his) day!

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Earth Mirror: Viewing the World

Art is a reflection of who we are. Perhaps not individually but certainly as a society. Why? Because art doesn’t just appear from air. It’s a product of how we think, what we believe, what we want, and how we can (within the rules and customs of our society) express it.

How do we view the world around us? As something beautiful? Is the landscape beautiful? Are the people beautiful (how they act and react not so much what their faces are like)? Is ours a colorful world? A drab world? An exciting world? It is a world where we feel comfortable?

Art is also about what is important to us. What do people paint, not the surfaces, but the themes and subjects? Are galleries full of landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, animals, children, certain groups of people? Are paintings and sculptures political, generic, cause-oriented, religious/anti-religious? Does the art move us forward or is it nostalgic?

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By :: Min

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Holiday Parties

“Dashing through the snow….” to Christmas Parties!  These parties are the highlight of the season for many people. Festivities! Desserts! Beautiful new dresses, sharp dressed men. Happy music, ringing bells, laughter. People go all out for these events, guests and hosts alike.

Let’s focus on hosts and hostesses of Christmas parties. What logistics go into creating the best party of the year!  Hors d’oeuvres, food, drinks, flowers, music, theme, and decorations.

Elaborate, theme ridden, unique, and eye-popping decorations:

  • Diamond or star studded, red and green, black and white, blue and silver, brightly multicolored.
  • Trees, bells, tin soldiers, nutcrackers, angels, 3-kings, reindeer, Santa hats, candy boxes, gingerbread houses, packages with bows, golden ornaments, the list is endless so I’ll stop here and let you dream of your favorite theme.

Here at Volcano Alley we picked a few themes of our own for this Christmas: Candy Box, City Fanfare, Shadow Lights, Greenery, Reindeer Games, and Holiday Rhythms. Plus a few more just for wrapping presents.

You might take a peek and see if they add to your holiday festivities this year.

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