Rainy Day View

It’s a cloudy day but you decide to talk a walk. On goes your sweater, your iPhone, your rain coat and your boots, and perhaps you grab the umbrella as you head out the door. Good thinking: it starts to rain, then pour. You look down at your feet watching the puddles, but that is so boring. You look up and you find a wonderland of interesting things.

The drops make fractal designs in the water. There are shimmering colors in the puddles from the neon street signs and traffic lights. Shapes come in and out of view. Cars go past like so many colorfully striped zebras. Out in the rain there is an entire new world opening to you: one of beauty and creative thinking.

As you ponder this new world, wondering why you haven’t noticed it before and why does it seem so strange and yet so familiar, you realize that this is a muted world of solitude. The rain is loud enough to drown out the sounds, voices seem distant; the bright colors are grayed out. Even with the beating rain, the world is calm and you breathe in and out with ease, slowing you pace, after all you’re out for a walk, not in a hurry. You have time to stoop down and see the small leaves dancing in the damp, twisting this way and that, bobbing up and down.

A quiet interlude is just the thing before a busy season arrives.

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