Halloween is a time of year that has become one of the biggest holiday of the year. That was a surprise to me when I heard it a few weeks ago. And yet it shouldn’t come as surprise. The ads are in the newspapers, on the internet, and my mail box. The empty stores come alive with ghouls and skeletons. 

People talk about costumes (especially the children). It certainly is not secret that it is arriving. And I start looking around to find my traditional skeleton earrings, just for fun. And I shop for candy to give out to the little ones, and I try to find some kind of healthy candy that tastes good. If you’re thinking, “Oxymoron!” you are certainly correct.

Do you want to see something really scary? A look at your clock on Sunday morning and finding you are already an hour behind! So remember to set your clock back one hour before going to bed on Saturday night. Remember the old adage: Spring forward, Fall back.

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